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RedWolf Airsoft

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Military 1st

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Airsoft Action Magazine

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Red Army Airsoft

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Airsoft Nation

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World's 1st Smart Airsoft Grenade: Avatar - RWTV

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Border War 10 – The Beast Slayer

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Tactical Game Innovation (TAGInn)

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PolarStar Airsoft F2

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Tokyo Marui Glock 19 3rd Generation

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Tokyo Marui MTR16 GBB Rifle

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Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Gas Shotgun

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Silverback Airsoft Desert Tech SRS-A1

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ASG CZ  Scorpion Evo 3 A1


Tokyo Marui HK416 Delta Custom NGRS

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Tokyo Marui

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Alexander Levchenko
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Aleeia Marcelo
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What has become the biggest online airsoft event, the Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards, is now on its 9th Awards Period. For a 2-month duration of the Awards airsoft players from around the world shall nominate and then vote for the best in the various awards categories.

Airsoft retailers, players, publications, manufacturers, products, blogs, communities, reviewers, videos, podcasts, and events are covered by this Awards event. Airsoft players worldwide get to vote on who they think deserve their votes and show their appreciation for those who have done a good job at serving the airsoft community. This is what makes the Airsoft Players’Choice Awards special as it takes into particular consideration the importance of the particapation of airsoft players as they are after all, the ones who benefit from the products and services of various airsoft companies and individuals.


Nomination Period (26  November to 28 December 2018)

Airsoft players worldwide get to nominate their favourites for the various categories for a period of almost one (1) month. They can either nominate in all categories or in categories they are familiar in.

The top five nominees (or less, depending on the number of nominees), based on the number of nominations garnered, will then proceed to the Voting Period (Finals). The finalists per category will be announced one week after the Nomination Period closes.

Nominees can be nominated in one or more categories, provided that they meet the criteria.

Voting Period (07 January to 04 February 2019)

The Voting Period allows the finalists to campaign that they get voted. They can post at their news section and forums; create vlog/blog, or a podcast; post Vote Badges at their websites; announce at social media sites to mobilise players to vote for them.

Finalists who have garnered the most number of votes in the categories win an award in the categories where they are selected as finalists. Airsoft players who cast their votes are included in a raffle draw where they get to win various prizes.

The winners will be announced one (1) week after the closing of the Voting Period. They will then be notified via email that they won. Airsoft players who won a raffle prize will also be informed via email.

For both the Nomination and Voting Periods, nominations and votes all of these are cast at the Popular Airsoft’s Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards Page (playerschoice.popularairsoft.com).

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